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Re: Good Intentions For Sue

At 4:44 PM 9/23/95, Jeffrey Martz wrote:
>    We aren't SUPPOSED to be discussing UFOs or chain letters OR politics
>(not relating to DINOSAURS) OR astronomy OR whales (That discussion was
>interesting, but I don't think it was even DERIVED from a posting about
>dinosaurs).  I have to admit a few of my own postings strayed off the
>subject, but it would be kind of nice if the bulk of Dino-net mail would
>go back to being about DINOSAURS.

        In defense of the whale conversations, at least they were
discussions about natural history/paleontology.  There have been many
postings about non-dino' reptiles, etc. Lets not limit ourselves, but lets
also remain pertinent to the subject- we all (should) know  what is
appropriate, and whats not.  Otherwise, no more pterodactyl talk.  They're
not dinos' either.

Jason J. Head
V.P. graduate student
Dept. of Geological Sciences
Southern Methodist University
Dallas, Tx. 75275

        "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro"- H.S. Thompson