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Re: Good Intentions For Sue

In a message dated 95-09-23 05:51:07 EDT, you write:

>I really can't believe the government bashing is continuing here
>(Jason, are you less naive now? ;-)  Let me try again to clarify what
>I see as best for this list:
>If you have something specific to say about the way the government
>regulates surveying for, or buying or selling fossils, great send it
>here for us to discuss.  If you have something to say about the way
>the government acted in a particular instance (e.g. confiscating Sue),
>great, put it out here for us to discuss.  If you just want to make
>off hand comments that have little to do with any substantive points
>you're trying to make, if you just want to throw in a silly joke
>that's likely to anger someone else, or if you just want to whine
>about any particular government then please, take it outside.
>Whether you agree or disagree with George's recent "POLITICAL TRACT",
>if you feel any need to discuss it, please take it up with him
>personally or take it to another list.  George, please knock it off.
>I don't even care whether or not your perspective has any validity at
>the moment; if you feel a need to vent your spleen there are plenty of
>other places that will accommodate you.  If you want to get a list of
>publicly available mailing lists to find out which one might best
>serve your needs, ftp to sri.com and get yourself a copy of
>Thanks for your cooperation!
>Mickey Rowe     (rowe@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu)

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Mickey for his
attempt to quash the continuing overt and covert republican/conservative
bashing by numerous members of this list. Since it continues, I must now
chime in (One of those who's been gritting his teeth). My apologies to you
Mickey for now breaking my silence....

For those of you who cannot get it through your heads that the governmennt is
not there  to be "big brother" you want it to be, GET OVER IT! Dislike Newt,
Limbaugh and whomever you wish.Only KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!! aS MUCH AS  I
despise your communist- in- chief, Bill Clinton, I have NEVER added
personal-political assults or insults about him on this list (until now).
Democrats have had 40 plus years to do something for the good of all and have
accomplished the exact opposite! We are more divided now than we were during
the Civil War! The leftists are the purveyors of intolerance, division, and
class envy and anti- buisness. The time for _handouts_ form Uncle Sam is

As far as Sue is concerned, it is NOT the president's nor congress' duty to
save her from (and I agree with everyone on this point) a greedy scavenger.
This is a problem for the _scientific community_ to resolve. Not government
(of either party). Of course, if Federal or Indian lands are involved,  then
the community must act in unison to exert a positive influence on the parties
involved in order to reach an amicable conclusion. It was the government's
intervention that has caused the irrevocable loss of Sue. Let's get over it,
learn from it, and move on!  I did like the idea of creating a sort of
consortium regarding trying to persuade the owner of Sue to "give" her to the
Smithsonian in return for perpetual rights to sell resin casts etc.  Let us
all work together on this fiasco and be ready for the next one (and there
will be another). Finally let's quit the partisan jabs since it is an
unnecessary overture to our mutual discussion of those creatures we ALL love,

Finally, despite our political differences, I still respect each and every
one of you out there. I hope the feeling is the same.  My frustration is not
personally directed at anyone in particular but those who have elicited this
responce know who they are. Remember, even Academia is NO longer  a
 politically (left leaning) homogeneous group.

                           Thomas R .Lipka
                           Paleontological/Geological Studies