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Re: SUE.. what to do?

At 2:48 PM 9/23/95, Robert G. Tuck Jr. wrote:

>I've been noticing the same phenomenon.

        Occasionally, funky things happen on everyone's servers.  I've
noticed that there are two main places where hang-ups seem to occur:

1>  Between your own terminal (and its requisite home server, if they're
two different things) and the listserver's home computer (in our case,

2>  Between the listserver and all the subscribers.

        Often, on SMU's paticular server, I've noticed that if I write a
message at 10 AM, it doesn't get posted until sometime around 4 PM in the
same time zone.  Similarly, I've noticed that, like George and Tuck, I will
see responses to messages before the message itself comes through!  Mickey,
please enlighten us as to the nature of the server processes that make
these delays possible!

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