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Re: giganotosaurus...article from boston globe

In a message dated 95-09-23 06:53:31 EDT, Thomas_R_HOLTZ@umail.umd.edu (th81)

>>These are published data. And Dong Zhiming is rumored to be working
>>on a nearly complete theropod vertebral column 22 meters long (the working
>>name is _Kelmayisaurus gigantus_).
>A new Kelmayisaurus?  Hmmmm.

Yeah, the name was published in that hardcover book on the Canada-China
Dinosaur Project: _The Dinosaur Project_ by Wayne Grady. It's a _nomen nudum_
of course. I believe Grady states he obtained the name from Dale Russell's
notebooks, but Dale says he's never heard of it. Go figure.