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Re: giganotosaurus...article from boston globe

In a message dated 95-09-22 11:57:07 EDT, you write:

>This "bigger than _T. rex_" business isn't as clear-cut as I previously
>thought, either. The femur is a few inches longer than that of "Sue," but
>whole leg is about the same size; the skull is a few inches longer, but the
>body is about the same length as "Sue's." The quoted body weight is well
>within published estimates of _T. rex_ body size. When I first heard about
>this beast, the skull was said to be TWICE the length of that of _T. rex_.
>shrank a bit since then.

AND, the news paper article that I read quotes Horner as saying that "it was
probably a scavenger". Here we go with THAT again!  BTW, another anachronism
was printed; this time Gigantosaurus 'roamed the _grassy_ savanna! I don't
think so! Grass had another 40 Million or so years to go before it appeared.

                                   Thomas R. Lipka
                                   Paleontological/Geological Studies