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Re: Good Intentions For Sue

On Sep 22, 23:59, Jason Head wrote:
> Subject: Re: Good Intentions For Sue
>   Here's the null hypothesis regarding the future of "Sue":
>         It  is now in private hands and, since no museum could reasonably
> afford the expected price tag, will most likely stay that way.

Is this a new development?  I thought the government had Sue.

> Chances are, we'll never see "Sue" again.

I hope not!  I just a full-sized cast of Sue's skull in a Monterey, CA Art
Gallery and it was incredible.

A bit of a story on that though - I was at an IEEE Symposium for several days
and saw the cast of Sue's skull while walking back from the pier.  I went into
the shop  and stood mezmerized by this immense skull - it was a beautiful
sight. On the table beneath the skull there were several pamphlets from Sue's
"owners" that referenced some of the turmoil Sue had gone though.  I came back
several more times that day - dragging co-workers with me to see this great

The next morning on my walk I noticed that Sue's skull was gone - according to
the owner, a wealthy parent bought the cast ( for several thousand $ ) for her
5 year old's playroom.

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