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Re: Ozone

For those of you who may have had an allergic reaction to last week's ozone

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In the first place, it turns out that the conditions that are necessary for
a *stable* ozone "hole" occur only in the Anarctic; any variations in ozone
density elsewhere are inherently evanescent.

In the second place, the contribution of ozone instability to UV radiation
is relatively trivial. A move 100 miles south will make far more difference
than anything having to do with ozone; the concentrations of UV atthe
equator are several thousand times higher than in northern latitudes. Those
who are concerned about skin cancer have an easy solution, and it has
always been thus: wear a shirt. Or stay inside. Period.

(Robert Bidinotto, who has done extensive research on this, observes: "Just
by moving from Dallas, Texas south to Houston, Texas, one's UV exposure
jumps 20 percent! That is far greater than any alarmist predictions of UV
increases due to CFC-induced ozone depletion for the next 50 years. Just
lying in the sun an extra 15 minutes increases UV exposure many times over
anything contributed by ozone depletion of a few percent. So even if
dramatic ozone depletion were to occur, just slightly modifying one's daily
exposure and avoiding excessive suntanning would be sufficient to offset

Finally, UV radiation has in fact decreased in the last few decades, not

All this is despite the undoubted fact that manmade gases do indeed get
into the upper atomosphere and do indeed affect ozone. But then, ozone is
continually generated as well (a fact the scare stories all leave out), and
it is too early to say whether there even has been a "net" change in the
total supply.

The situation regarding so-called "global warming" is very well expounded
in a short and highly readable book by Robert Balling, Jr., "The Heated
Debate" - Pacific Research Foundation,  1992.

You can obtain a useful booklet by Robert Bidinotto by writing to him: ask
for his booklet, _The Green Machine_, available for $4.50, postage
included, by writing Robert Bidinotto, 422 Park Ave., New Castle, PA 16101.
"The ozone depletion controversy is just one of several major
environmentalist scams I refute in the booklet, which is heavily
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