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Battat Museum of Science Collection

   Well folks, the first shipment of Battat MOS collectibles has arrived,
and I thought I'd sound off about them.

   I chose these things as my flagship product on the opinions of others,
without ever seeing them for myself.  The most prevalent feeling was that
these figures are "excellent."  My opinion is that they a very good.

   The figures are very comparable with Safari's Carnegie figures ... maybe
even a touch better.  Quality varies from figure to figure as it does with
Safari's figures.  Since most people are familiar with Safari's figures I'll
do my comparison with the Carnegie collection as the benchmark.

   Battat's figures are more dynamically posed.  The T.rex looks like it's
in hunting mode, while the diplodocus is rearing up on its tail (it reminds
me of a rearing horse, front legs flaling).  The paint job is of similar
quality, with the same propensity for nicks and mistakes.  Some have a
"realistic" skin pattern, while others have a strangely pebbly one (in
particular, the Stegosaurus.  However, this could be the opinion of the
paleontologist, or artistic license, giving the Stego some form of tough
skin or dermal armour).

   The big difference is in the appearance of the figures due to the paint
job.  The Safari figures have always looked plastic to me.  My guess is that
they used gloss enamel paint.  The Battat figures were painted with matte
paint, making them look ceramic to me (and therefore maybe a little more
realistic).  Indeed, despite their appearance in pictures, the colors are
nicely muted.  In the picture on my web page and, too, on the picture
included on the figure's card, the T. rex is bright blue with bright yellow
stripes and orange ridges on the head.  The actual figure is painted a muted
green/blue with dull yellow stripes and brown ridges on the head (the teeth
are present too, not painted on with vertical stripes like the early Safari
T. rex).

   All in all I give the Battat Museum of Science collection an enthusiastic
thumbs up.  I can't wait until the rest of the figures become available.
You better believe I'll be keeping one of each of these for my own collection.

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