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Runk! Honk!

Well, I cannot sit idly by and listen to repeated slander of the chief piece
of literature that thrilled my youth: Turok, Son of Stone.  In the late
50's and early 60's Dell Comics published this series.  The premise (admittedly
a bit far-fetched) was that, before the arrival in North America of the
Europeans, a couple Mandan (I think) Indians, Turok and Andar, discovered a
"Lost Valley" of dinosaurs and other prehistoric beasts in the region of
Carlsbad Caverns.  They found a plant whose roots could be crushed to make
a poison that would kill dinosaurs PRETTY DARN FAST, and smeared this on their
arrows to protect themselves.
     Dinosaurs were drawn with REALLY COOL jets of steam blasting from their
nostrils, and they made noises like "honk" and "runk" and so were dubbed
"honkers."  The art work was swiped from lots of Zallinger and Burian and
Knight pictures, but there were original cover paintings for the issues that
weren't bad at all.  I wish I had the original of one such cover, where
Turok and a bad caveman are fighting over a bow while a Tyrannosaurus sneaks
up behind them...
    The series went downhill fast after Dell was sold to, or became, Gold
Key comics.  I hear it has been resurrected by somebody or other (Valiant?),
but I quit buying comics when the price became equivalent to the cost of a
decent lunch.  The "updated" Turok may be as bad as the postings say.
     The old Turok...ah, now THERE would be a cool movie project.  Much
better than recycling Jurassic Park...