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Re: Good Intentions For Sue

In a message dated 95-09-22 11:51:41 EDT, DinoLvr@ix.netcom.com (Kelly
Milner-Halls) writes:

>Sally Shelton wrote: 
>>Your intentions, and our intentions, and the government's intentions 
>>(believe it or not) are all good. 
>ELEMENTS of our government MAY exhibit good intentions.  But come on - - 
>I can't be the only one to see some very personal "grudge" in to play on 
>a local (S.Dakota) level on this one. 
>>It is the Sioux landowner who is calling the shots. Because he had 
>>deeded his land back in trust to be managed for his benefit
>And to waive his federal tax obligations.
>>You don't have to convince anyone in the government of the immense 
>>scientific value of this
>No...only that this and other paleo discoveries of immense scientific 
>value are worth funding. 
>>No one except the landowner sees the sale of the T. rex as being 
>>anything except bleak....but the landowner calls the shots on this one.
>Tell me, why is it that the cancelled check for $5000 with William's name 
>on it does not negate his "rights?"  Gee, if I could back track on every 
>deal I later saw as less than prudent, I'd be a much richer woman.  
>Sigh...guess you have to have the Interior managing your affairs to get 
>those perks.  
>Listen, I am not anti-Native American (I am part Commanche myself).  I am 
>not anti-government.  I am not even against stiff regulations on 
>commercial collection.  But nothing about this case gels in my mind.  Not 
>the raid, not the trial, not the motivation, not even the verdicts.  And 
>as has so often been said, the ultimate insult is the fact that Sue will 
>very likely be lost to North American scientific study and 
>lay-exploration because of all these "good intentions."  
>So forgive me if I'm reluctant to just roll over and accept this one.  
>Justice seems to have evaded us all - - excluding Maurice.
>Kelly Milner Halls
>Girl Dino Writer


How can the intentions of a government that is funded through the THEFT by
force of hundreds of billions of dollars per year from us "taxpayers" for the
personal aggrandizement of its members be considered ALL GOOD? Government
money is TAINTED money, extorted by force from its citizenry--as it has been
from before time immemorial--from which little real good can ever come. Yes,
government funds science and does some "good" thereby--but now government is
starting to pull the strings attached to its ill-gotten gains, as anyone
reading about the "funding crisis" in science can see. And by doling out
money to scientists, the government has reduced them to the role of beggars
and supplicants. The situation is exactly analogous to the corrupt
billionaire Colombian drug dealer who spills a few shekels near where he
resides to keep "his people" slightly above the poverty line. The real
money-makers in the situation are always the special interests, the cronies,
and the politicians themselves--both directly through hyper-inflated salaries
and perks, and indirectly, through influence peddling and redistribution of
other people's money (OPM).

Face it, people. The US government, like all governments everywhere, has
failed to keep the crooks, miscreants, cheats, and other swine out; and
indeed, the way it is set up, it INVITES such people into its doors,
cultivates them, fosters their growth, and supports them and their families
forever. This business with Sue is just a VERY VERY SMALL tip of a VERY VERY
LARGE iceberg.

The fact that the above paragraphs will sound like some kind of crank fascist
tract to most readers is the result of the huge barrage of propaganda and
doublethink fostered by the government, at taxpayer expense, to keep its way
of doing things below ground level, to control the minds of the populace.
They call them TAXES, to keep you from thinking about them as STOLEN MONEY.
Since when do we OWE taxes to the government? The government STEALS thousands
of dollars from ME every year, and it righteously tells me that I OWE it this
money. Rubbish! Others have far less stolen, yet they receive the same amount
of "governing" as I do: that is, nothing but hassle and interference. Why am
I being overcharged for these "services"? Just because I happen to use my
creativity and intelligence to DO things and PRODUCE stuff that other people
want. It smells like Willie Sutton's old line: "Why do I rob banks? Because
that's where the money is."

Remember, the government is a gigantic parasite that feeds off the creative
wherewithal of its people, off the desires of its people to make better lives
for themselves. It will tell you all now necessary it is, how wonderful are
the things it does for us all, how it keeps us all secure. Such beguiling
rot! Turn this around to understand the true picture: just look at which way
the money flows. From citizens, to government. Who are the people who are
getting the real benefits of taxation/theft? Who are the people being kept

Above all, please don't just take my word for it. Take a GOOD, HARD LOOK at
the way things are today. Take a look at the streets full of potholes, the
bridges in disrepair, the horrid state of education, and the incredible
malaise that films over everything that the government has decided to
"support." Take a look at how the government keeps saying it needs more and
more of your money to do anything at all. Take a look at how gloriously the
government paints the idea of "volunteering" YOUR time to keep your
neighborhoods clean and decent--as if they haven't already stolen our money
for just that purpose in the first place. Take a look at whose children are
going to private schools where they don't risk exposure to firearms and the
hoi polloi. Take a look at who lives in apartment and housing complexes with
security systems to avoid the criminal element. Then take a look at who is
"paying" for all this.