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Re: SUE.. what to do?

>From: San Diego Natural History Museum Library <libsdnhm@CLASS.ORG>
 > It is the Sioux landowner who is calling the shots. Because he had ceded 
 > his land back in trust to be managed for his benefit, Interior has to 
 > manage the T. rex for the landowner's benefit.

Well, there is the issue as to whether he had sold the right to the

 > ... Don't direct your suggestions at the White House. You don't have 
 > to convince anyone in the government of the immense scientific value of 
 > this, nor do you have to convince the Cheyenne River Sioux tribal 
 > council.

As I understand it, his suggestion was that the government *buy*
the specimen from the owner on the grounds that it is a national

As part of the compensation offered to him to induce him to choose
the Federal government as the purchaser, it was suggested that the
offer be sweetened by adding *continuing* income to it from continued
sales of plaster casts.

Suggesting *this* to the President is *entirely* appropriate.

It is a way to make the rancher happy - he got *his* money -
and to secure the specimen for scientific study at the same time.

I doubt any musueum, by itself, has enough money to outbid certain
private collectors.  The US government *does* have that kind of
money. [Besides, *they* can keep part of the procedes of the
plaster cast sales as well, to offset the price]

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