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Good Intentions For Sue

Sally Shelton wrote: 

>Your intentions, and our intentions, and the government's intentions 
>(believe it or not) are all good. 

ELEMENTS of our government MAY exhibit good intentions.  But come on - - 
I can't be the only one to see some very personal "grudge" in to play on 
a local (S.Dakota) level on this one. 

>It is the Sioux landowner who is calling the shots. Because he had 
>deeded his land back in trust to be managed for his benefit

And to waive his federal tax obligations.

>You don't have to convince anyone in the government of the immense 
>scientific value of this

No...only that this and other paleo discoveries of immense scientific 
value are worth funding. 

>No one except the landowner sees the sale of the T. rex as being 
>anything except bleak....but the landowner calls the shots on this one.

Tell me, why is it that the cancelled check for $5000 with William's name 
on it does not negate his "rights?"  Gee, if I could back track on every 
deal I later saw as less than prudent, I'd be a much richer woman.  
Sigh...guess you have to have the Interior managing your affairs to get 
those perks.  

Listen, I am not anti-Native American (I am part Commanche myself).  I am 
not anti-government.  I am not even against stiff regulations on 
commercial collection.  But nothing about this case gels in my mind.  Not 
the raid, not the trial, not the motivation, not even the verdicts.  And 
as has so often been said, the ultimate insult is the fact that Sue will 
very likely be lost to North American scientific study and 
lay-exploration because of all these "good intentions."  

So forgive me if I'm reluctant to just roll over and accept this one.  
Justice seems to have evaded us all - - excluding Maurice.

Kelly Milner Halls
Girl Dino Writer