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SUE.. what to do?

  OK, folks.... this may be a rather bizarre idea... and it 
may already have been suggested.. if so, my apologies.

 There have been a few good suggestions as to a workable 
solution to the problem of the disposition of Sue. My 
favorite was to give her to the Smithsonian & pay Mr. 
Williams a percentage of the revenue generated by selling 

 Why don't we all suggest this to the government? If I 
recall correctly (Feel free to jump in if I'm wrong), the 
President's Internet address is president@whitehouse.gov.
 What say we all send Email to that address (POLITE mail, 
mind you.. :> ) voicing our concerns about the situation, & 
suggesting the above idea as a solution. 

 (No, I don't honestly believe that Pres. Clinton will see 
even ONE of the messages.... but maybe it'll come to the 
attention of someone in a position to possibly DO something 
about it. After all.... Sue is (AFAIK) the most complete T. 
rex ever found, and as such is an invaluable scientific 
resource for this country. Letting her be sold on the open 
market, probably to a private collector (possibly a foreign 
collector, at that) and taking her out of the hands of 
American scientists & educators... well, someone in the maze 
of government might think that taking action to prevent that 
from happening would make good campaign P.R..... )

 Awaiting flames from those who dislike my idea.... :>

Name: Michael Edward Purvis
E-mail: us009472@pop3.interramp.com (Michael Edward Purvis)
Date: 06/23/95
Time: 09:40:26

"I really must stop loaning dinosaurs to folks.." :)