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One thing that you have to remember in all the JP discussions is Creighton's
background.  He was a geneticist who when he could only find work as a 
member of the biological warfare machine, fled to the media.  Look at the
Andromeda Strain book sometime.  The message there is the same as in JP.
Don't mess with genetics if you don't want disasters.  I think he used
dinos to get message across to a new generation because of the current dino
craze.  He used the germ thing in the early 70's because we were all so 
afraid then of biological warfare. 

and if you think jp is all that bad, try the comic book Turok, Dinosaur Hunter
for a refreshing change 8*) (note the sarcasm there eh?) that one carries the
message that violence is the best way, that killing is good, and perserving
animals for study is not.  women are really protrayed as stupid creatures who
will destroy you if associate with them at all.  boy jp is great by comparison!

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