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Amphibians (Re: Bakker lecture)

<<I remember reading somewhere that all amphibians are pretty much
disappearing (water permeable integument + acid rain = dead amphibs').  Where
I'm from (Michigan), the summer nights used to be a cacophony of horny frogs,
now theres barely a peeper.>>

The reason amphibians are going extinct at such an alarming rate is because
of a very slight, but tremendously sudden, rise in global air temperature
that has caused the water temperature in most shallow freshwater areas (ie
frog breeding ground) to raise a few degrees celsius, thus making the
delicate amphibian eggs inviable (because they had evolved for a very
specific water temperature).  I WILL NOW WRITE A POLITICAL STATEMENT: this is
very well known, and obvious to anyone with half a brain; it totally escapes
me how the US house and senate can even Consider weakening the already weak
environmental laws (the half a brain statement might have something to do
with it? =).  There, no more political statements from me for a while (at
least I'll try).

Peter Buchholz