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Magazine and esses

> Well, if Tom Holtz likes it, I gotta have it. How do I get a copy of PYRAMID
> magazine?
> G.O.

Tell you what - when that issue comes out, I will post a tiny little 
notification and plug. Thanks for the interest!


> On Ceratopian/Ceratopsian:  if any copies of Pyramid Magazine with
> "ceratopsian" are sent to Addis Ababa, I hope they spell the
> country's name "Ethiopsia"  (it's exactly parallel, from Aithiops).
> George Pesely                    peselyg@lynx.apsu.edu

Bust osf csourse, thse psoint sis nost tso adsd "S'ss insdiscriminately, 
bust sto sfollow thse anscient asnd customsary usagse.

Converely, ubtracting tandard, cutomary letter reemble mitake, rik maive 
miundertanding. Ee?

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