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Re: Warm Blooded vs. Cold Blooded

>      =Not to my knowledge, but they could crank out forty gazillion
>      =Carnotorus toys, and paint them in different schemes "New from 
>      =Kenner! Its Chain-Link Carnotaurus!  You can also buy Stone-Fence 
>      =Carnotaurus and Desert-Storm Carnotaurus! Collect them all!!" Yuck.
>      What they have is a plastic they use mostly in dolls, that has a 
>      memory for pattern while cold or dry and yet can display a different 
>      pattern while hot or wet.  Like the thing that they put sometimes on 
>      coffee cups to make the Cheshire cat smile appear or disappear when 
>      you add hot coffee.
>      It's pretty garish.  They use it on My Little Pony and just check out 
>      Hollywood Hair Barbie that is a blonde when normal, but just put water 
>      on her head and she's suddenly a natural redhead.
>      I'm in trepidation over the same thing happening to a dinosaur.
>      -Betty

    My Little Carnotaurus!  Just dip it in water and it eats your little