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     Not wanting to kill the nice little animals is a perspective we 
human can afford to enjoy from our nice, safe isolation from the 
enviroment.  An animal out there is the wild does not have this 
convenience because its life is in constant jeopardy from other animals.  
The characters in Jurassic Park were placed into that same situation.  
No, those theropods weren't evil, but they were predatory animals, and 
thier business in life is killing and eating other animals.  A perogative 
of every oragnism that lives, icluding humans, is to avoid such a demise, 
and since having a pleasant discussion over coffee with the dinosaurs or 
using non-lethal martial arts to persuade them from munching them were 
unlikely to be successful, shooting them was pretty much the remaining 
option.  Killing in defense of one's life rather eliminates such abstract 
concepts as unselfish natural harmony, something that doesn't exit in 
the natural world, only in the human imagination.