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Re: Media alert: Giganotosaurus

        SOMEBODY TAPE IT!!!!!!
     I'm in the middle of a move and can't, but would like to see it very 
     much.  Please please please.

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Subject: Media alert: Giganotosaurus
Author:  umail.umd.edu!Thomas_R_HOLTZ
dinosaur@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu at nssi
Date:    9/21/95 12:48 PM

To all,
Tune in to your local ABC news broadcasts tonight and/or tomorrow morning. 
There will likely be a short piece on Giganotosaurus, including footage of 
the specimen, the T. rex from JP, and yours truly (trying to work 
arctometatarsalian biomechanics and phylogeny into the discussion, some of 
which will hopefully make it into the final bit).
Take care,
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