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The story about the discovery of Giganotosaurus had to be
important, because it made the front page of _The Tennessean_
today although it had nothing to do with (1) O.J. Simpson, (2) local
politics, (3) local crime, (4) the Oilers, or (5) welfare reform.
When I saw the name, I wondered if the name came from its having
a giant back or giant ears.  For "southern" probably notio- would
be a better combining form, and for "giant" giganto-...
Gigantonotiosaurus.  Or use another term for southern and another
term for very large:  Hypermegalomesembrinosaurus (rolls trippingly
off the tongue...).

On Ceratopian/Ceratopsian:  if any copies of Pyramid Magazine with
"ceratopsian" are sent to Addis Ababa, I hope they spell the
country's name "Ethiopsia"  (it's exactly parallel, from Aithiops).

George Pesely                    peselyg@lynx.apsu.edu
Clarksville, Tennessee