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>In a message dated 95-09-21 10:19:54 EDT, dwn194@soton.ac.uk (D.W.Naish)
>>Also, their cladogram calls the _Giganotosaurus_ + avetheropod out-group
>>Spinosauroidea 'Torvosauroidea'. You angry at that George?
>You mean they've included Spinosauroidea (= Spinosauridae + Torvosauridae)
>within a more inclusive clade Torvosauroidea (= Spinosauroidea +
>_Giganotosaurus_)? The paper won't arrive on the newsstands here for about 2
>weeks, so I appreciate it if you could check, at your leisure.

They use Sereno et al.'s "Torvosauroide" (which George has shown is properly
Spinosauroidea) as an OTU.  Giganotosaurus is between the torvosauroids and
the avetheropods.

Of course, if someone were to find that Megalosaurus itself lies withing the
clade containg Torvosaurus, Spinosaurus, Afrovenator, etc., one would have
to use the oldest name, Megalosauroidea, for it...

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