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Re: Ceratopian/ceratopsian

At 8:00 PM 9/20/95, Steve Jackson wrote:
>Thanks to all who commented both here and in e-mail. I do appreciate the
>civility of the responses; everyone offered advice, and nobody told me
>what I *had* to do.
>I switched back to "ceratopsian." As an editor of the old school, I weight
>"stylebook" authority heavily, so if the change had been in some sense
>official I would have gone with it. But if there has been (and will be) no
>"official" change in the nomenclature, I will go with the practice of 100
>years of science. Is that four generations of paleontologists, or five?
>Anyway, it's enough to sanction an originally incorrect usage just by
>custom, just as here in Austin the "right" way to pronounce the street
>named "Guadalupe" is "GWOD-a-loop," not "Hwod-a-LOO-pay." (You should see
>what Texans have done to "Jager" and "Bissonet." And trust me, you don't
>want to know how the natives of Etoile, Texas, pronounce it. But I

        Bully for you, Steve!  8-)  Those of us "S" users are a dying
breed.  But anyway...while at the University of CO, Boulder, taking a Field
Geology course, the professor insisted that we pronounce the Pierre Shale
as "PEER," instead of "PEE-AIR," because that's how the folks in the type
locality (guess where?) pronounce the word.  Sorry:  I had 7 years of
French, and I'll be _damned_ before I pronounce it incorrectly!

        The question is:  will I pronounce Des Moines as "DEH MOYNZ" or
"DAY MWANH?"  ;-)

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