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At 10:12 AM 9/21/95, th81 wrote:
>The news readers from around the world are not reading their copy.  The name
>of the critter is "GigaNOTOsaurus" (as in giant southern reptile).  Your are
>correct that Gigantosaurus has been used for an English brachiosaurid
>(Pelorosaurus? can't remember), and the Tendaguruan diplodocid Janenschia
>and the titanosaurian Tornieria.

        Hey, what's this?  Tom Holtz _forgot_ something?!?  ;-)  (Sorry,
Tom, it happens so infrequently, I had to get in on this...)  Some of the
original _Gigantosaurus_ sauropod material, _Gigantosaurus dixeyi_, is now
part of _Malawisaurus dixeyi_.

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