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At 8:19 AM 9/21/95, D.W.Naish wrote:
>The biggest prob I have with JP is purely the humans vs. dinosaurs aspect. I
>don't care that Crichton couldn't be arsed to work more on his human
>characterizations - I was only reading the book for the dinosaurs. But I think
>that we were supposed to at least feel something for the humans and,
>furthermore, were supposed to see those predatory theropods as evil and nasty,
>and worthy of destruction. So when, in the film, Grant is firing some huge gun
>at a menacing dromaeosaur, we're _supposed_ to be thinking "Kill that nasty
>dinosaur Grant! Those dinosaurs are nasty evil-doers!". I found myself hoping
>that the dinosaurs wouldn't be killed, and certainly wouldn't mind them
>on whichever of the human cast took their fancy (start with Sattler ... err..
>her facial expressions annoy me).

        I dunno...one could reverse one's perspective and see this as an
interesting (and probably more correct than anyone may want to believe...)
commentary on the superiority of dinosaurs over humans, and the subtle but
omnipresent desire for humans to kill and destroy everything that they're
not "better than," just to _make_ themselves top dogs.  8-)

>Would you, fellow dinophile, be as intent on killing the dinosaurs as Grant was
>in the book and film? Especially as he was supposed to be a
>dinosaurologist that
>had been looking at the bones of these creatures all his life?

        No, I wouldn't, but keep in mind Grant's psychological status:  if
_you'd_ just been through several attempts to dismember and devour you,
you'd be on the defensive, as well:  that ol' "fight or flight" thing.

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