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Re: Warm Blooded vs. Cold Blooded

>        2. Carotaurus is a chameleon!!!  Apparantley, Carnotaurus has the
>abililty to change its skin color to blend in w/ jungle, rock walls, and
>CHAIN LINK FENCES!!!  (paleontologists agree that this is very possible,
>according to the magazine).  Any bets that the Kenner corp. suggested that
>one??  "You know Mike, if there was a chameleon-dinosaur in the book/movie,
>we could make dozens of versions of the same dinosaur!!  Big bucks baby!!
>and we wouldn't even have to make extra molds!!!"
>Jason J. Head

Either that, or someone out there really wanted Spielberg to re-make
"Predator"....  Hey, they could rename it "Top Predator"....
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