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>I heard this morning that the new, mega-huge South American theropod will be
>described in next week's Nature as _Gigantosaurus carolini_. I thought that
>_Gigantosaurus_ had already been used for _incertae sedis_ sauropods...

The news readers from around the world are not reading their copy.  The name
of the critter is "GigaNOTOsaurus" (as in giant southern reptile).  Your are
correct that Gigantosaurus has been used for an English brachiosaurid
(Pelorosaurus? can't remember), and the Tendaguruan diplodocid Janenschia
and the titanosaurian Tornieria.

>Well, perhaps someone else can figure it out (as I write, there has been no
>mention of this impending publication in my mail-box. Am I just behind
>as I'm surprised that no-one else has commented on it yet.).

I did!  I commented on it on National Public Radio.

>OK, so now I know about stegosaur throat ossicles, pelvic scutes and lateral
>caudal spikes, but what's this about 'dish-shaped plate in the shoulder

There are an indeterminate number of small keeled scutes from the pelvic
region, but I don't know about the shoulder apparatus.  A degenerate
pectoral splate, perhaps?

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