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Re: parliament of rooks

> >Rooks aren't found too near cities BTW,
> >
> Umm, Isn't the Tower of London slap-bang in the middle of a rather large
> city? And isn't it said that, if the rooks ever leave there, it is a
> portent to the demise of England? So have the rooks left (which explains a
> lot) or, as I have heard, are the rooks at the TOL somehow constrained from
> leaving thus securing a bright future for England (under Major?).
> Cheers, Paul
> pwillis@ozemail.com.au

The corvids kept at the Tower of London are ravens, not rooks. 

They're still there (well, they're semi-captive, so they bloody well should
be!). Last I heard, a young male was getting stroppy about territory and was
bullying other ravens. They had to take him some place else.

"Curse my metal body - I wasn't fast enough!"

(Cheers again Tim)