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NO! NO! NO! JP 2!

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>         This may be old news to most, but:
>         Bad news on the JP2 front, according to the latest time magazine
> (which has Michael Crighten (sp) and Carnotaurus on the cover).  It would
> appear that the "Lost World" is the sequal to the movie, not the book.
> >From the bits I gleaned from the article, while in the checkout line (all
> the copies of "People" were gone), the story has the following (read no
> further if you want to be suprised by the book):
>         1. Ian Malcolm is back (the one character I REALLY wanted to get
> eaten), along w/ an animal behavior specialist.  No mention of any kids,
> but you know they're in there somewhere.  Jack Bakker, or Bob Horner, or
> whatever-his-name-is isn't mentioned in the article, and might not be in
> the book.  This is probably a good thing, as no self respecting
> paleontologist would want to be in a story in which....
>         2. Carotaurus is a chameleon!!!  Apparantley, Carnotaurus has the
> abililty to change its skin color to blend in w/ jungle, rock walls, and
> CHAIN LINK FENCES!!!  (paleontologists agree that this is very possible,
> according to the magazine).  Any bets that the Kenner corp. suggested that
> one??  "You know Mike, if there was a chameleon-dinosaur in the book/movie,
> we could make dozens of versions of the same dinosaur!!  Big bucks baby!!
> and we wouldn't even have to make extra molds!!!"
>         3. The article includes a clip from the story in which Malcolm and
> his behavior-specialist friend (this book's standard, one dimensional
> female character) are attacked in their trailer by TWO T. rexes! "Hey, it
> worked in the last one, this time lets have two!!".  Apparantley, the rexes
> are momma and pappa, who have come to reclaim their (feathered) baby, which
> Malcolm has been studying, while he nursed it back to health.  'cuse me, I
> have to go throw up now.
>         Hope ya'll haven't heard this all before.
> Jason J. Head
> V.P. graduate student
> Dept. of Geological Sciences
> Southern Methodist University
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