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Re: The Lost World!

On 09/18/95 RaptorRKC@aol.com wrote:

> Around the 20th of this month, most bookstores should be carrying
> THE LOST WORLD: A NOVEL by Michael Crichton.  It is a sequel to the
> movie, rather than the book--a project Crichton did for Spielberg
> so he could make a movie out of something, I guess.

The book is out; I spent a fair amount of time browsing in it today, and
was not persuaded it deserved any more time than that.  A few observations:

1) It does NOT seem to be a sequel to the movie; the only character from
the movie who turns up in the book (as far as I noticed) is Ian Malcolm.
Furthermore, it doesn't seem to have any sympathetic characters at
all--nobody stood out as someone I cared about or didn't want to be seen
eaten alive.

2) it has the obligatory kids; they seem to be about high school age now.

3) It seems to have very little plot, though there are some nice vignettes
of tyrannosaurs.

4) It's a lot like the first book, but without the drama or characters.
Which is to say, as books go it's not very good.  A lot of words and not
much story.

I hope Spielberg hires someone else to write a sequel to the movie--this
book would not be a good one for a variety of reasons (not the least of
which are that it's awfully derivative of the first book (not movie) and
that it reflects the moral character of the InGen Corp. we saw in the book,
not the movie.)

I donno.  Maybe Crichton just needs the money.

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