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Re: T.rex teeth

martz@holly.ColoState.EDU (Jeffrey Martz) writes:

>Resonses and questions concerning Achut Reddy's posting:

> How strongly rooted were T.rex teeth?  

VERY strongly rooted.  Almost half the length is embedded in the skull.

>> 2. I asked how he would explain the recent find where T.rex tooth mark
>>    was found in a herbivore bone that had healed over, implying the
>>    dinosaur had escaped and survived a T.rex attack.  His answer was,
>>    "it's not a T.rex tooth mark".

>     Are you referring to the Denver Museum of Natural History 
>Edmontosurus tail?  The new mount that it is in has the tail held about 8 
>feet off the ground, right around mouth level for a T.rex.  The wound 
>consists of a (very) roughly semicircular shape in the neural spines 
>about 10 inches (?) wide and 6 inches (?) deep, where the neural spines 
>are either broken off and partially healed over, or at least mangled.  
>There is a spot on one spine where a hole has been punched clean 

Yes, I believe this is the one.

Achut Reddy                     So many fossils... so little time!