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Re: Warm Blooded vs. Cold Blooded

At 1:36 AM 9/21/95, Adam Yates wrote:
>On Thu, 21 Sep 1995, Jason Head wrote:
>>         2. Carotaurus is a chameleon!!!
>> Any bets that the Kenner corp. suggested that
>> one??  "You know Mike, if there was a chameleon-dinosaur in the book/movie,
>> we could make dozens of versions of the same dinosaur!!  Big bucks baby!!
>> and we wouldn't even have to make extra molds!!!"
>        Have Kenner corp. developed chameleonic plastic??
>        Adam Yates

        Not to my knowledge, but they could crank out forty gazillion
Carnotorus toys, and paint them in different schemes "New from Kenner! Its
Chain-Link Carnotaurus!  You can also buy Stone-Fence Carnotaurus and
Desert-Storm Carnotaurus! Collect them all!!" Yuck.

Jason J. Head
V.P. graduate student
Dept. of Geological Sciences
Southern Methodist University
Dallas, Tx. 75275

        "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro"- H.S. Thompson