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Re: Warm Blooded vs. Cold Blooded

        This may be old news to most, but:

        Bad news on the JP2 front, according to the latest time magazine
(which has Michael Crighten (sp) and Carnotaurus on the cover).  It would
appear that the "Lost World" is the sequal to the movie, not the book.
>From the bits I gleaned from the article, while in the checkout line (all
the copies of "People" were gone), the story has the following (read no
further if you want to be suprised by the book):

        1. Ian Malcolm is back (the one character I REALLY wanted to get
eaten), along w/ an animal behavior specialist.  No mention of any kids,
but you know they're in there somewhere.  Jack Bakker, or Bob Horner, or
whatever-his-name-is isn't mentioned in the article, and might not be in
the book.  This is probably a good thing, as no self respecting
paleontologist would want to be in a story in which....

        2. Carotaurus is a chameleon!!!  Apparantley, Carnotaurus has the
abililty to change its skin color to blend in w/ jungle, rock walls, and
CHAIN LINK FENCES!!!  (paleontologists agree that this is very possible,
according to the magazine).  Any bets that the Kenner corp. suggested that
one??  "You know Mike, if there was a chameleon-dinosaur in the book/movie,
we could make dozens of versions of the same dinosaur!!  Big bucks baby!!
and we wouldn't even have to make extra molds!!!"

        3. The article includes a clip from the story in which Malcolm and
his behavior-specialist friend (this book's standard, one dimensional
female character) are attacked in their trailer by TWO T. rexes! "Hey, it
worked in the last one, this time lets have two!!".  Apparantley, the rexes
are momma and pappa, who have come to reclaim their (feathered) baby, which
Malcolm has been studying, while he nursed it back to health.  'cuse me, I
have to go throw up now.

        Hope ya'll haven't heard this all before.

Jason J. Head
V.P. graduate student
Dept. of Geological Sciences
Southern Methodist University
Dallas, Tx. 75275