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>     =How does it "lean back" without using its forelimbs?  It seems to me 
>     =like to only way to shift the animals balance backward would be to 
>     =push off with the forelimbs.  If it isn't using these, exactly what 
>     =is it flexing or tilting or whatever to shift the center of gravity?
>     elephants (to use a sample that is viewable today) first bend their 
>     knees (yes, on the back legs), then sit back on their haunches, and 
>     then lift their front legs off the ground to rear up.  The lack of a 
>     push-back by the front legs is probably because the front legs are 
>     pretty straight and wouldn't give much vertical lift if flexed.
>     -Betty

Dumb question - in JP (the movie) they had the brachiosaur clearly flex its
front legs and push off with them to get it to rear.  Could a brachiosaur
have done this?
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