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Thanks to all who commented both here and in e-mail. I do appreciate the 
civility of the responses; everyone offered advice, and nobody told me 
what I *had* to do. 

I switched back to "ceratopsian." As an editor of the old school, I weight
"stylebook" authority heavily, so if the change had been in some sense
official I would have gone with it. But if there has been (and will be) no
"official" change in the nomenclature, I will go with the practice of 100
years of science. Is that four generations of paleontologists, or five?
Anyway, it's enough to sanction an originally incorrect usage just by
custom, just as here in Austin the "right" way to pronounce the street
named "Guadalupe" is "GWOD-a-loop," not "Hwod-a-LOO-pay." (You should see
what Texans have done to "Jager" and "Bissonet." And trust me, you don't
want to know how the natives of Etoile, Texas, pronounce it. But I

"What is PYRAMID Magazine?" A bimonthly publication of my company, 
focusing on adventure gaming. We're going to release a book, sometime next 
year, describing dinosaurs for roleplayers. Lots of game stats, combined 
with the best science we can find. (And yes, the manuscript will be 
submitted to the Dinosaur Society for approval. It will probably go out 
tomorrow.) At any rate, the magazine article is a preview of the book.

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