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Re: Re: More news about Sue

In case there's any doubt about my statements on politics yesterday, I
do think it appropriate for us to discuss what the U.S. government is
doing/has done/will do about Sue.  I was only trying to put a stop to
off topic jokes that run the risk of inciting flame wars.  Every time
you say, for example, "contract *on* America", you may laugh but
others will grit their teeth.  There's no reason to throw in off-hand
comments like that here since they don't advance the discussion and
they could start something nasty.  And I'd also like to set the record
straight about something else.  I am too fun!

In any case, Thomas_R_HOLTZ@umail.umd.edu (th81) wrote:

> My solution for the situation was to give it to the Smitty, have
> casts made, put a cast on display in D.C., give casts to the Black
> Hills museum and the Soiux nation, and sell additional casts to
> generate revenue.  Unfortunately, this ain't gonna happen.  Ah,
> well...

Is it really the case that we should see the situation that bleakly?
Is it possible that Maurice Williams could make more money producing
and selling casts in perpetuity rather than selling the fossil
outright?  Perhaps he could still be convinced to donate the skeleton
with the understanding that he would receive any and all money to be
made from selling casts (as individual bones or as complete mounts --
how many people here would buy a cast of one bone if it were priced
just above what it would cost to make the cast?).  Instead of selling
the dinosaur once, he could sell it over and over and over to his
heart's content.

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu)
   "That belongs in a museum!"    (name the movie, Darren!)