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Words I have learned....

     -At 10:31 AM 9/19/95 -0400, Jerry D. Harris wrote: > abstracts thingy
     -I must add this highly technical term to my growing list of
     -palaeo-talk, which also includes "buttload," thanks to TH. Let's see 
     -. . . "Harris, Holtz, and Olshevsky revealed in a recent _JVP_ 
     -abstracts thingy that they were about to revamp *Ceratopian* 
     -phylogeny, based upon their in-depth analyses of a whole buttload of 
     -new material."
     ok, words I have learned on this list....
     THAGOMIZER=from Larson, the spikes on the end of a stegasaur tail.
     (question-does this name apply to spikes on other generas' tails?)
     BUTTLOAD=from Holtz, a large amount of something, usually referring to 
     (question-wouldn't this mean a BUTTINSKY is someone that does 
     ABSTRACTS THINGY=from Harris, Holtz, and Olshevsky, a paper written on 
     some stuff.  Not usually available when you want it.
     HUMPING (snicker)=how pinnipeds move on dry land (no comment, nope, 
     not one)
     NECKING=what boy giraffes do to other boy giraffes when they want to 
     do the naughty thing with girl giraffes.  Rather like arm wrestling 
     but makes bigger bruises.