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Thingies and the missing "S"

At 12:26 AM 9/20/95, Robert G. Tuck Jr. wrote:
>At 10:31 AM 9/19/95 -0400, Jerry D. Harris wrote:
>> abstracts thingy
>     I must add this highly technical term to my growing list of
>palaeo-talk, which also includes "buttload," thanks to TH. Let's see . . .
>"Harris, Holtz, and Olshevsky revealed in a recent _JVP_ abstracts thingy
>that they were about to revamp *Ceratopian* phylogeny, based upon their
>in-depth analyses of a whole buttload of new material."

        Hey, why stop there?  8-)  How 'bout:  "...revealed in a recent
whatchamacallit abstracts thingy that they were about to revamp
_CeratopSian_ phylogeny, based upon their really neat study of a whole
buttload of stuff."

        BTW, now that Lockley & Hunt have formally described the
ceratopsian footprints from Colorado as _Ceratopsipes_, what does everyone
think?  I personally find that name _much_ more euphonius than
_Ceratopipes_.  Leave that darned "s" in there!!!  Technicalities be
damned...rules are meant to be broken.  It's not as if English has the best
track record for following its own rules, anyway...  ;-)

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