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Re: Re: More news about Sue

>> I don't know anything more than what's there, but look carefully at
>> the dates above.  Things don't look that promising for Sue's long-term
>> disposition. 
>I've got a solution to this problem....
>Make "Sue" ward of the United States and send it to the AMNH....or at 
>least allow the specimen to be examined by paleontologist or a team of 
>paleontologists from all over the U.S.

Ummm, the AMNH already HAS a good T. rex specimen, and is a private
institution.  The Smithsonian lacks a good T. rex skeleton, and is the
National Museum (and, by the Organic Act of 18whatever, has special rights
with regards to fossils found on federal land).

My solution for the situation was to give it to the Smitty, have casts made,
put a cast on display in D.C., give casts to the Black Hills museum and the
Soiux nation, and sell additional casts to generate revenue.  Unfortunately,
this ain't gonna happen.  Ah, well...

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