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Re: Re: Deinonychus & Velocirapto...

><<By the way, since I am utterly ignorant of Latin and Greek, what does
>"antirrhopus" mean?>>
>I think it means rear foot, but I'm not too too sure.  So the whole name
>_Deinonychus antirrhopus_ is the sentance "terrible claw (on the) rear foot."
> If _Deinonychus_ and _Velociraptor_ are indeed synonymised, then the name
>makes no sense (oh well).  Please tell me if I'm wrong about the
>_antirrhopus_ translation.

Sorry to say, but that isn't correct.  "antirrhopus" is "counterbalance",
refering to the hypothesized function of the tail.  Sadly, this particular
feature of anatomy is very often neglected in popular books and movies
(e.g., Jurassic Park).

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