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parliament of rooks (fwd)

> Rooks, by the way, are scavengers - just like T. rex????
> David

Ummm, not really David. Rooks are animals of farmland here in the UK, and make
a living from soil-dwelling bugs, in particular the larvae of crane flies
(commonly called 'leatherjackets', this name also used for wireworm and other
beetle larvae). THAT'S why there so damned common here, because there's lots of
fairly well-watered arable land. Rooks aren't found too near cities BTW, and not
really round rubbish tips, unlike Crows and Jackdaws - both of which are very
much urbanised birds here (more so than Rooks anyway).

Did you corvid-fans see the article on Ravens in American Scientist couple of
months back? Juveniles in the chilly north make a living by hanging out in
groups and, after a scout has located a carcass, can bully away any adults that
have already 'claimed' it. Thus they survive despite the odds. That's smart..
and brings us full circle to scavenging of course...

"I had nothing to do with it."