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parliament of rooks

Rooks are common          European members  of the genus _Corvus_
and the commones species of the genus in Britain.  They nest and
roost communally.  Their sexual d
displays are fantastic, with tumbling falls i n the air and
complex aerobatics.  In late wi nter, just before the breeding
season (and at other times of the year too) it is common to see
groups of rooks rising above leafless roosting trees, cawing
away noisily.  Such a group is known as a parliament of rooks,
but "parliament" here does not just mean group (like "pride of
lions).  A medieval belief that is still  current in some places
is that a parliament of rooks is judging the souls of the
recently dead, or that it is enacting laws for the naural kingdom
for the coming year.  [that's natural kingdom].
Rooks, by the way, are scavengers - just like T. rex????

>From: David Brez Carlisle
bk090@Freenet Carleton.CA