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>>Having seen some of the autopsie reports (complete with colour photos) from
>>crocs that have eaten people (usually american tourists), I have yet to see
>>and example of a human swallowed whole by even the biggest crocodile. From
>>memory, the largest man-eater I have seen was about 5 metres and the human
>>was dismembered (and incomplete) in the gut of the animal.
>        On TLC or Discover(I forget which) there was a show about Salt Water
>crocs in Australia and there was a man eaten whole. His freind went and
>killed the croc and cut it open. They said the man was in perfect shape
>exceapt for one arm was a little roughed up! The scary part is they left the
>guys truck out there in the bush and it's still there all grown over and
>rusted. After watching this and getting many views of the crocs #1 They were
>HUGE!!! # 2They did not always do the spin thing, they grabbed drowned and
>swallowed. Great show to watch if your going to Austrailia soon, scary!
>                                        -Jennifer

I too have heard rumours fo people being eaten whole but have yet to see
anything to substanciate such claims. And don't worry about coming to
Australia; I'ld sooner face a 5 metre saltie than a Newt Gingrich anyday.

Cheers, Paul