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Did Dale Russell watch "Land of the Lost"? (was: Lost World?)

I wrote:
>>>>I noticed that the Jurassic Park sequel by Michael Crichton, _The Lost 
>>>>World_, comes out in a couple of weeks.
>>>Isn't that title taken (by Conan Doyle)? :)
>>>                            -- Dave

Sabrina replied:
>> I thought it was a really bad TV show from the 70's.  ;)
>> Sabrina

Jeffrey Martz responded:
>     I think you are referring to "Land of the Lost", and don't dump on 
>it because that was my most favorite show in the whole wide world.  The 
>Brady Bunch meets Jurassic Park and Star Trek.

Without getting into this heated debate about _Land of the Lost_ (which I liked
at the time, but don't know how I'd feel if I saw it NOW), I have to say that
one reason I've found it difficult to take Dale Russell's 'dinosauroid' 
seriously is its resembence to _LOTL_'s 'Sleestacks' :)

                            -- Dave