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Re: There's No Place Like Utopia

In a message dated 95-09-18 23:34:34 EDT, tuckr@digital.net (Robert G. Tuck
Jr.) writes:

>At 10:35 PM 9/18/95 -0400, DSmith0531@aol.com wrote:
>>How about in a utopsian world?
>Careful! You might anger the ghost of Sir Thomas More.
>-= Tuck =-

As I noted in an earlier posting--which may have gone out into limbo
somewhere instead of its proper destination--Utopia and Ceratopia are based
on different roots: _topos_ meaning "place" and _ops_ meaning "face." The
similarity between Utopia and Ceratopia is due to convergent evolution--like
the similarities between _Jenghizkhan bataar_ and _Tyrannosaurus rex_.

Humorless George