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Re: Deinonychus & Velociraptor -- together at last?

Raptor RKC wrote:

<<I am not so sure about this Deinonychus = Velociraptor bit.  I like
Deinonychus better as a Velociraptor (for some reason unexplainable by
science), but as far as I can tell, it doesn't look like they'll be tying the
knot anytime soon.  Comments?>>

I for one certainly hope they do not!  (Tie the knot, as it were, that is)
Besides the reasons that real-live-paleontologists (rather than wannabes like
myself) could probably give - at least the ones who agree with me, or rather,
whom I agree with ;o) - I just plain like the name "Deinonychus" better.
 "Terrible Claw."  Gives me the willys.  "Speedy Thief."  Uh...yeah.  Just
doesn't have that dreaded-carnivore sound.  Velociraptor actually sounds like
it would be a better name for a small varanid, but oh well.
By the way, since I am utterly ignorant of Latin and Greek, what does
"antirrhopus" mean?