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Derivation of Noto- in Giganotosaurus

The Greek word Notos (accent on first syllable, both o's omicrons or 
short) means the South Wind or simply South (or Southwest).  The
Queen of Sheba is referred to in the New Testament as "basilissa
notou" (the queen of the South) (Matt. 12.42).  The corresponding
adjective is "notios" (southern; also damp, rainy) (the
constellation Piscis Australis = Notios Ichthys).  As I suggested
earlier, it might have been better to use notio- in coining the
name for this new dinosaur.  

The noto- in words like notochord is also from Greek, from the
word noton (first o an omega or long o, accent on first syllable)
meaning "back" (the Latin for back is "tergum").

As to two other points raised by Charlotte Mooers, the name Austria
has nothing to do with South but is a Latinization of a German
name, Oesterreich; "ost" = "east."  For the East Wind, Homer has
the name Euros.  Some later authors use "apeliotes" (ape:lio:te:s,
where e: = eta and o: = omega, from he:lios, sun) or "apheliotes."

George Pesely                        peselyg@lynx.apsu.edu
Clarksville, Tennessee