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Re: sex change in dinos (JP)

>At 04:16 9/30/95 -0400, David Brez Carlisle wrote:
>>              It would have made far more sense for his
>>"scientists" to have realized belatedly that sex is labile in
>>other reptiles and so could be labile in dinos too.
>        This sentence, at least for me, explains why Chrichton handled the
>plot of JP.  If this was going to be a limited edition, scientific documentary,
>then fine.  "Scientific" people do know that there is sex change other than
>operations in Sweden.  But, sad to say, the general public is not interested
>in scientific research.  The level of U.S. scientific and math ability is
>not keeping up to the world standard.
>        I have been told that the percentage of students enrolled in the
>math department at the University of New Orleans is approx. 10% U.S. and
>four times that Chinese.
>        Brag: My son, at UNO, is in the math department and he is taking,
>as a second language, Mandarin Chinese to better interface with his fellows.

   Out of curiosity, what is it that those who major in Math DO?  Perhaps
THAT is why enrollment is so low in the country.  I don't think there's any
shortage of people in programs that use a lot of higher mathematics (such as
the engineering disciplines).

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