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Re: Therizinosaurus

<<        When was _this_ decided?!?  I must've been asleep...  Cast my vote
for "Therizinosauroidea;" I find the evidence for _Therizinosaurus_ being
amongst the formerly named "Segnosauria" compelling for now, and thus the
older terms take precedence (I know that that isn't the exact situation here,
but...).  BTW, this isn't a matter which can be put to this sort of vote; if
it were, don't you think _Brontosaurus_ would still be in use instead of
_Apatosaurus_?  8-)  You just has to take them as you gets them...>>

This was decided durring the synapomorphy wars of about a month ago when I
proposed four schemes of nomenclature for the group.  Six people voted at
all, and it was five for Segnosauria and one for Therizinosauroidea.  You
don't have to go along with Segnosauria if you don't want to, I don't care;
but the major reason people cited for retaining it was that it was annoyance
to rename groups that already have perfectly fine names.

Peter Buchholz