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Re: Transitional Fossils

>I'm at it again, battling Creationists. A Creationist has challenged me to
>name 10 transitional fossils "that cannot be alternatively explained as
>speciation, pathology problems or extinct animals.  If you do name 10, how
>can you be certain they are transitional and not simply extinct?  And,
>there should be millions, not just 10." I feel that there is a
>misunderstanding here about what a transitional fossil is. If it's a fossil
>then there is a good chance it is extinct. Anyway, if you have any
>information that can help me then it would be much appreciated.

Others will probably offer you some intermediates, or you can check some the
FAQs on talk.origins.  I'll give you an alternative:

Reverse challenge the guy.  Ask him if he can name ten pairs of related
groups for which an intermediate taxon is not known.

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