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Re: Re: Batch o refs

>> Paul, roving out of the dinosaurs for a while, and McKenna show a
>> new reconstruction of the shoulder in a multi and show this to suggest
>> a connection between the multi and therian mammals - the Theriiformes
>> with Monotremes as the sister group.
>Ahh!--what will the cladists think up next? Theriiformes, eh? Along with
>Archosauria we now have Archosauriformes and Archosauromorpha; and along with
>Dinosauria we have Dinosauriformes and Dinosauromorpha. It's only a matter of
>time before every single generic name will acquire a corresponding "dual"
>name for the clade of which it is the sister group. How many genera, how many
>clades! How does Dinosauromorphiformes strike everyone?

Of course, if you add in parataxonomy, you can add dozens upon hundreds upon
thousands upon... of additional parataxa for any one genus (e.g., all
tyrannosaurids except T. rex, all theropods except T. rex, all dinosaurs
except T. rex, all archosaurs except T. rex, all reptiles except T. rex,
through tetrapods, verts, deuterosomes, etc.).   ;-)

But, seriously, paired stem-node names can be very useful for describing the
phylogenetic position of basal taxa.

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